Sunday, September 15, 2013

You're 21. Congrats.: a brief letter to two meaningful people

Today, you're 21.  Congratulations. You can legally buy alcohol in all the states of the union...and I'm sure you can do some other things, too.

Let's talk about expectations.  You're a grown up now.  That means bills.  And taxes.  Damn taxes.

Back to expectations: The only age-inhibiting hurdle left to concur is 25.  With that, you'll benefit from lower insurance rates and the ability to rent self propelled carriages.  Fun.
But, as I mentioned before, the world sees you as a grown up.  Think of 18-21 as a probationary adult period.  You're about to graduate college. Get a job.  Pay taxes.  Damn taxes.

Don't worry, you're ready.  Surely, you will doubt yourself sometime between now and your next birthday; there's a lot to ponder: how to get a job, potential life mates, pets, houses, bills, taxes. Damn taxes.

I happen to know you two pretty well, and I have to say, "if I can do it, you can do it."  Seriously, y'all are way better at life at 21 than I was, and I'm a perfectly sustainable survivor of The Tragedy of the Mid-Twenties.

My pride in you goes beyond the words of this blog.  You guys are awesome.  Keep it up.  All four quarters.  Close the deal.  Finish the race.  Claim your prize.  Take a shower.  Get a job.  Pay taxes.

Damn taxes.

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